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Our final report from Israel

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Since our last report excavation on the site continued on Tuesday and then we were off the site Wednesday and Thursday, but not idle, and then excavation continued on Friday and Saturday.

On Tuesday the front end loader was able to remove most of the dirt from the street around Pablo’s area.  The street needs to be cleaned  but it now gives you a better understanding of what the site will look like.  Part of the foundation of the public building was excavated to bedrock and the remainder should be completed shortly.

Work continues on Avner’s site at the structure above the Ritual Bath and Olive Press.

Avner holding a Hellenistic unguent aria found in Area A. This vessel type was used for perfume and precious oils.


Work also continued on the large Columbarium.

Anna surveying the large Columbarium

Excavation of the site will continue on the weekends of November 1st and November 8th.  Since Alan and I have left Israel we will update the progress on the site after Oren returns home and we receive his report.

The Foundation purchased a Bobcat skid loader on Thursday.  It will be delivered this week.   Everyone is exited with the addition and believes it will enable significant progress to be made in excavating the site.  Time permitting it will enable Yakov with a couple of assistants to work weekends on the site throughout the year.


Excavation continuues

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It has been exciting on the site the last few days. Work continues on Pablo’s site where coins, an intact jug and an ancient “capital” were found. A capital is an ornate carving on the top of columns generally found on large public structures.

Michal and her staff began excavating a tunnel opening in the Ritual Bath. After about 20 feet it opened up to a larger room. They have excavated up about 12 feet without reaching the ceiling. The excavation is significant because the tunnel was completely filed with dirt which means that the age of the tunnel and room can be accurately determined by pottery finds.

Avner and his workers continue on the structure above the Ritual Bath. Coins and other significant finds have been uncovered.

Oren estimates that the coins found range from 300 BC to 1500 AD.

We had a front loader on site today which cleared the area around Pablo’s site to enable the site to be expanded.


October excavation begins

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Oren and his staff began excavating today after a delay of a few days because of military permits. Excavating will continue through October 26th except for Wednesday the 22nd and Thursday morning. In addition, Oren will be excavating on the weekends of November 1st and November 8th.

Excavations were continued today on the house site supervised by Pablo, the structure above the Ritual Bath and Olive Press supervised by Avner and the structure above the Columbarium supervised by Michal. A “bread stamp” was found early in the day at the Ritual Bath site (see photo). Oren estimates it is from the Muslim period.


New excavation dates

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There will be an excavation on the site from October 13 through October 25.  We will bring you news from the site as the  excavation progresses.