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December 2009 Excavation

   Posted by: gary    in Beit Lehi News

We have completed two successful three-day weekend digs. Our primary focus was on the Large Columbarium. We have had from 12 to 20 people removing dirt from the site along with help from our 130 foot conveyor system and the Bobcat. While we have made good progress in clearing the site we believe it will take another 35 dig days to completely excavate the site. That is to let those coming to dig this spring know we will be leaving some of the fun and dirt for you.

This what our digging has discovered. We now believe what we thought was an unusable cistern was actually a quarry. Upon further excavation we have found areas where blocks of limestone being cut had not been removed.

In addition, in the area of the quarry/cistern we found a new hiding tunnel/cave. The archaeologists believe that this hiding cave will lead to an currently unknown underground chamber and is a very significant find. We have begun excavating the new cave and have gone about 60 feet into the cave. The cave is about 3 feet tall and wide and about 6 feet from the floor of the quarry.

During the second weekend we hired a front end loader to remove excavated dirt from the site. During the dirt removable a large part of the outer wall of the village site was uncovered. From first appearances the lowest portion of the wall will date to the Hellenistic Period. The wall is viewable from the road leading to the site and now makes the area look like an archaeological site.