Visitor Comments

Becky, wrote:

“Magnificent!  A real treat.  This archaeological site was one of the most interesting things I’ve seen here”.

Rachel, Sandy UT wrote:

“It was absolutely wonderful!  It was really neat to see all the work going on.  One of my favorite sites on our whole tour.”

Amanda, SLC, UT wrote:

“Fabulous!  Absolutely amazing!”

Laura, Falls Church, VA wrote:

“So much Fun! Utterly fascinating. I also loved finding pottery bits.”

Shawna, SLC, UT wrote:

“This was the coolest thing I have done.  I would have loved to have done this for a living.  AMAZING!!”

Lori, SLC, UT wrote:

“So fascinating & exciting!!  Can’t believe how amazing it is.”

Rob & Colleen, SLC, UT wrote:

“Amazing!  One of the trip highlights.”

Dave & Anne, SLC, UT wrote:

“I came here interested & inquisetive, I am leaving excited wishing I could be involved. Thanks so much!!”

David, London, England wrote: